Matriks atas Aljabar Max-Plus Interval

Marcellinus Andy Rudhito, Sri Wahyuni, Ari Suparwanto, Frans Susilo


This paper aims to discuss the matrix algebra over interval max-plus algebra (interval matrix) and a method tosimplify the computation of the operation of them. This matrix algebra is an extension of matrix algebra over max-plus algebra and can be used to discuss the matrix algebra over fuzzy number max-plus algebra via its alpha-cut.The finding shows that the set of all interval matrices together with the max-plus scalar multiplication operationand max-plus addition is a semimodule. The set of all square matrices over max-plus algebra together with aninterval of max-plus addition operation and max-plus multiplication operation is a semiring idempotent. As reasoningfor the interval matrix operations can be performed through the corresponding matrix interval, because thatsemimodule set of all interval matrices is isomorphic with semimodule the set of corresponding interval matrix,and the semiring set of all square interval matrices is isomorphic with semiring the set of the correspondingsquare interval matrix.


idempotent, interval, matrix algebra, max-plus algebra, semiring

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