Isolasi Karakterisasi dan Penentuan Kadar Laktalbumin Susu Sapi Fries Holdstein dengan Metode Lowry

Jimmi Copriady, Johni Azmi, Maharani Maharani


Lactalbumin is a major protein found in milk which has great function to human body. It is a component of wheyprotein in milk. Lactalbumin was isolated from cow’s milk of Fries Holdstein breed by centrifugation at high speed9500 rpm and gel filtration chromatography using sephadex G-50 produced Lactalbumin dissolved in Tris buffersolvent. Characterization of Lactalbumin by measuring the UV absorbance spectrum at 240 – 320 nm comparedwith the spectrum of standard Lactalbumin showed maximum peak at the same wavelength, 280 nm. Lactalbumincontent in milk determined by Lowry method was about 0,66 mg/ml in milk or 9,2% of whey.


Characterization, Content Determination, Fries Holdstein, Isolation, Lactalbumin

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